How to Take Minutes at Board Meetings

There are many aspects to take into consideration when taking minutes at a board meeting. This job requires a person who can think ahead, pay attention and write a thorough summary.

Meeting minutes are important documents of the company that are used to represent decisions made by the board. Because of this, they must be accurate and reflect the discussions that took place during the meeting. It’s a good idea review the agenda beforehand so that you know what you need to capture during the meeting. This will ensure that important information from being overlooked during the meeting. A third party can also be helpful in reading the minutes. This will ensure that the person who is taking the minutes isn’t biased, and has an unbiased perspective of the contents of minutes.

In addition to the primary elements of the meeting it is crucial to list the actions taken during the meeting and who is accountable for each action item. These details will allow board members to refer back to the minutes of meetings in the future.

In addition, a note needs to be made of the existence of an quorum. A quorum is defined as the presence of at least two-thirds of the board members.

It is also important to keep track of any documents that were passed around during the meeting or any presentations that were made. It is also recommended to include the date and time of the meeting in the minutes.